“You’ve Never Been to Market if You Haven’t Been to Paddy’s”.

This lively slogan has lasted well and if you ask any Sydney-sider, you’ll get the thumbs up that goes with the slogan.

Paddy’s Market, arguably Australia’s best known marketplace, traces its beginnings back to the year 1834.

Sydney was a bustling metropolis even then, with ships coming and going bringing travelers and settlers from around the world.

As a trading hub, Governor Bourke, who was charged with managing the Colony, saw the need for centralizing trading in the many products that constantly passed through the city.

Bustling Paddy's Market, Haymarket
Bustling Paddy’s Market, Haymarket

The birth of the market was a consequence of Governor Bourke’s initiative to move hay and grain sellers to a location adjacent to the newly established cattle market on Campbell Street in Sydney.

This focused trade both in cattle as well as produce and the market flourished being called nothing more than Sydney Markets.

This decision include produce sellers led to a division among the vendors, giving rise to a “fringe market” that functioned in parallel with Sydney’s produce market.

This market was permitted to operate until 10:00 pm on Saturdays, a radical move that added a new sense of excitement and increased weekend trade which ended up laying the foundation for what is now known as Sydney’s Paddy’s Markets.

By the time the 1860s rolled around, the market had expanded considerably, featuring attractions such as trick riding, strength tests, and other popular fairground activities.

Bustling Paddy's Market, Haymarket
Bustling Paddy’s Market, Haymarket

Weekend trading was extremely attractive to both the locals as well as travelers to the big city and Paddy’s fame spread to the point where a visit to Sydney from anywhere just had to include a trip to Paddy’s.

There was a buzz around the market on the weekend and it became time for a name. “Paddy’s Market” just seemed to slip into the scene and was destined to stick around.

The name “Paddy’s Markets” is thought to have been derived from Liverpool, England, where similar markets had flourished for years.

The name has been in use since at least the 1870s and as far as we know, no-one has ever had the temerity to suggest a name change!.

In the old days, the market was a lively blend of merry-go-rounds, sideshows, farmers selling produce and livestock, second-hand dealers, craftsmen, and individuals from the rag trade.

Spruikers shouted their wares to enthusiastic buyers  and sellers shuffled stocks around to make them stand out and then were more than happy to haggle when potential buyers looked for a bargain.

Nothing has changed over the years. Sellers still shuffle their wares to attract buyers and haggling and bargaining is commonplace.

However, over the decades, Paddy’s Market has transformed and adjusted to the changing times.

The effect of the markets has spread to the entire precinct and the nearby Haymarket, Chinatown and Darling Harbour precincts sort of merge one with the other so visitors are never short of sights, smells, experiences and shopping.

Paddy’s Market now has and expanded food offering within it so you can continue shopping while you nibble!

But if your tastes need a bit more, the food offerings of Market City is just an escalator away one floor up where your Paddy’s experience continues to keep giving more and more experiences.

After a sensational meal, you can roll back down to Paddy’s for more shopping and fun!

Presently, Paddy’s Market is a thriving marketplace renowned for its affordable prices and goods, imported mostly from Asia, but also from many countries around the world.

Paddy’s is also famous for quality produce at amazing prices.

Paddy’s is more than just a market it’s a symbol of Australian heritage!

“You’ve Never Been to Market if You Haven’t Been to Paddy’s”.

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