If you are looking for a place to enjoy reading, learning and discovering, you might want to visit the North Sydney Library, also known as the Stanton Library. This library is one of the largest public libraries on Sydney’s lower north shore, and it has a lot to offer to its visitors. Here are some of the stories, facts and history that make this library a unique and interesting place.

The Story Behind the Name

The North Sydney Library was established in 1964, and it was named after James Street Stanton, who was the Mayor of North Sydney from 1937 to 1939. Stanton was a supporter of the Free Library Movement, which advocated for the creation of public libraries in New South Wales. He died in 1943, and three months later, the North Sydney Council voted to create a library in his honour. However, due to various delays, the library was not opened until 1964, when the Governor of New South Wales, Sir Eric Woodward, performed the ceremony.

The Architecture and Design

The original library building was designed by the Council architect John L. Browne, and it was a striking example of modernist architecture, with a curtain wall facade. The interior was designed by Marion Hall Best, a renowned Australian interior designer. In 1987, the library underwent a major renovation, which added a new wing and a glass atrium. The renovation was designed by Feiko Bouman, who also designed the Sydney Opera House. The library now has a spacious and light-filled atmosphere, with a variety of spaces for reading, studying and relaxing.

The Collections and Services

The North Sydney Library has a vast catalogue of print, digital and audio books for all ages, as well as a wide range of free events, including author book readings, children’s storytimes, and educational talks. The library also provides an extensive range of services, including home library, mobile print, 3D printing, workshops, Justice of the Peace, and tech help, in addition to their fabulous eLibrary and physical collection of books, magazines and more available for loan.

If you are looking for a place to read, learn and discover, the North Sydney Library is definitely worth a visit!

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Photograph by Mike Fernandes 


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