A slightly tarnished hidden gem - Photographed by Mike Fernandes

We cannot let this hidden gem be closed even though it needs a little more than TLC

Featherdale Zoo, nestled in the heart of Doonside, is a place of paradoxes. It’s a place where the wild meets the urban, where nature’s vibrancy is shadowed by a hint of neglect, and where the zookeepers’ passion shines through despite the challenging circumstances.
We as observers need to be extremely careful that we are not unwittingly aiding the case for demolition and redevelopment.

The Current State

The zoo, as it stands today, is a bit rundown. The once vibrant enclosures now show signs of wear and tear. The paint is peeling, the fences are rusty, and the overall ambiance is one of a place that’s just about holding on. It’s not out of action, but it’s clear that it could use some tender loving care.

The Zookeepers Are The Heart of Featherdale

In the midst of this, the zookeepers stand as a beacon of hope. They are the unsung heroes who, like most zookeepers, pour their heart and soul into their work. Their dedication to the animals is palpable. They are the ones who, despite the zoo’s condition, keep the spirit of Featherdale alive. They really do care.

Bored Yet Chatty

The animals, for their part, seem to be looking for anything to do. Their eyes tell stories of boredom, yet they are surprisingly chatty. It’s as if they’re reaching out, trying to communicate with the visitors, and making the best of their situation. It’s a heartwarming sight, a testament to the resilience of nature.

The Potential Is Huge To Be A Massive Financial Success 

Despite its current state, Featherdale Zoo has immense potential. With the right updates to the enclosures and the continued dedication of the staff, it could transform into a great place to visit. Imagine walking through well-maintained paths, seeing animals thrive in updated, comfortable enclosures, and experiencing the passion of the zookeepers firsthand.

The Future Needs A Call to Action

Featherdale Zoo is more than just a zoo. It’s a symbol of community, a testament to the love for animals, and a potential hotspot for tourists and locals alike. With a little attention and care, it could regain its former glory. So here’s a call to action for all animal lovers and conservationists – let’s bring Featherdale Zoo back to life!

The Super Chatty Black Cockatoo – A Featherdale Highlight

If you’re planning a visit to Featherdale Zoo, there’s one resident you absolutely must meet – the super chatty Black Cockatoo. This charismatic bird is known for its sociable nature and is a favorite among visitors.
The Black Cockatoo is not just any bird. It’s a symbol of the Australian wilderness, a creature of remarkable beauty and intelligence. With its glossy black plumage and striking red tail, it’s a sight to behold.
But what sets the Black Cockatoo apart is its chattiness. It’s not uncommon for visitors to find themselves engaged in a ‘conversation’ with this friendly bird. Its vocalizations, a mix of squawks and melodic notes, are its way of interacting with the world. It’s as if the Black Cockatoo is trying to reach out, to connect with those who come to see it.
So, when you visit Featherdale Zoo, make sure to seek out the Black Cockatoo. Listen to its calls, watch its behavior, and take a moment to appreciate this wonderful creature. It’s experiences like these that make a visit to the zoo so special.

The Role Of Government In Supporting Community and Economic Growth

Zoos like Featherdale are not just about animals and nature; they are about community, education, and economic growth. As such, they present a unique opportunity for government involvement and support.

Building Community Spirit

Zoos are places where people from all walks of life come together. They foster a sense of community and shared responsibility towards our environment. They educate the public about the importance of conservation and instill a love for nature in young and old alike. By supporting zoos, governments can help build a strong community spirit.

Economic Benefits

Well-managed zoos can also be significant economic contributors. They attract tourists from all over the world, create jobs, and positively affect local businesses. A thriving zoo can become a ‘cash cow’ for the area and the state, generating substantial revenue.

The Need For Government Backing

However, running a zoo is a costly affair. It requires significant investment in infrastructure, animal care, and staff training. This is where government backing can make a difference. With adequate funding and support, zoos like Featherdale can upgrade their facilities, provide better care for their animals, and enhance the visitor experience.
In conclusion, backing projects like zoos is a win-win for governments. It not only helps preserve biodiversity and educate the public but also stimulates economic growth and fosters community spirit. It’s an investment in our future – a future where people live in harmony with nature.

Join the Discussion As Your Voice Matters To Help

We invite you to join the discussion about Featherdale Zoo and its future. Your voice matters because it’s not just about the zoo, it’s about our community, our environment, and our shared responsibility towards them.
By joining the discussion, you can:
Share your ideas and suggestions for improving the zoo.
Show your support for the dedicated zookeepers and staff.
Advocate for government backing and community involvement.
Raise awareness about the importance of wildlife conservation and education.
Your participation can make a real difference. It can help shape the future of Featherdale Zoo and contribute to a more sustainable and inclusive community.


Featherdale Zoo is more than just a place to see animals. It’s a place of learning, a place of community, and a place that holds the potential for economic growth. With the right support and investment, it can once again become a vibrant, thriving part of Doonside.
So, let’s come together to discuss, to plan, and to act. Let’s ensure that Featherdale Zoo isn’t just a place that we visit, but a place that we’re proud to be a part of.
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Photographed by Mike Fernandes


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